About Us

Founding Story

Farm to Field comes alongside farmers and producers in their generosity toward Kingdom mission projects. In bridging the relationship between farmers and producers, individual and corporate donors, as well as mission projects, Farm to Field creates the opportunity for diverse partnerships to form and support ministry.

From planting the actual seed in the ground to joining the spiritual harvest on the mission field, Farm to Field provides a way for all to be active participants in the mission of God.

Why Romania?

Farm to Field (FTF) was born at Camp Falcon Rock, Romania, after farmer and FTF co-founder Chad visited the ministry. He was inspired to find a way to provide deeper ongoing support for missionaries. He saw his entrepreneurship and vocation as the best way to drive change, and FTF was born.

Camp Falcon Rock empowers the next generation in Romania by developing and discipling young leaders to transform their country. It is a connecting place for churches, villages, and individuals to encounter Jesus through a spirit-led community that fosters an enjoyment of creation and community while developing disciples.

Click here to learn more about the work Camp Falcon Rock is doing.

All FTF pledges and funds raised will be directed towards capital initiatives at Camp Falcon Rock until 2024, when we will begin adding other missionaries to the platform.

Vision, Mission, Values


We love finding ways to bring farming, missions and generosity together.

Our vision is to create on-going connections between Canadian farmers, businesses and individuals with missionaries around the world, for the sake of kingdom impact.


We value creativity, simplicity and integrity as we bring farming and mission together.

Our values include encouraging innovative thinking while being transparent about each initiative and the missional impact they make.


We are on mission to build community around those doing kingdom ministry around the world.

Our mission is to provide intentional, individual support and encouragement to missionaries in whatever ways needed for their effectiveness and longevity, while at the same time impacting those involved in Farm to Field locally.


We are always improving

We are always asking why and how, so every house is a lesson on how to build better.

Our Why

We believe the world needs to hear the message of Hope. Right now there are people of faith living in all corners of the globe, sharing the good news of Jesus. While not all of us can leave our homes to follow this calling, we believe that we can all play a significant role where we are.

Missionaries need financial support as well as the support of caring communities. Churches, individuals, businesses and farmers can work together to increase the success of global missions projects. Farm to Field brings these groups together, creating a powerful new donation model.